Fourth Europe+ Conference of Narrative Therapy and Community Work
Fifth Meeting of the Spanish Association of Narrative Therapy (AETEN)

July 6th to 9th, 2016
Barcelona (Spain)
"Co-constructing bridges of meaning"
July 6th to 9th, 2016
Barcelona (Spain)
Pre-congress: July 6th to 7th, 2016
Congress: July 7th to 9th, 2016
Post-congress: July 9th, 2016
Facultat de Psicologia, Ciències de l'Educació i l'Esport, FPCEE Blanquerna - Universitat Ramon Llull
Císter, 34 - 08022 Barcelona (Spain)
Carlos Chimpén López
As President of the Organisational Committee it is my pleasure to welcome you to the webpage of the Fifth Encounter of the Spanish Association of Narrative Therapy (AETEN) and the Fourth Europe+ Congress of Narrative Therapy and Community Work.
Here you will find information regarding the event, where it will be celebrated and the city that hosts it. You may register for the Congress and also send your proposals.
This adventure started in Spain almost five years ago, with the creation of AETEN and the celebration of the first narrative encounter in Caceres, Extremadura. Four years of sharing experiences and knowledges with narrative therapy practitioners and authors from around the world. This will be our fifth year celebrating and sharing knowledges!
We wish to thank the direction of AETEN and all the members who actively collaborate to make this dream possible!
We also wish to extend a thank you to Hugh Fox, from the Institute of Narrative Therapy in the U.K., who had the idea of connecting European practitioners and started to give shape to the European Congress in the year 2009 in Brighton, where the first European Narrative encounter took place, followed by Denmark in 2012, with the organisation of Christian Kragh Pedersen and Louise Windfeld Holt, and Romania in 2014 with Ovidiu Gavrilovici and his team Psiterra.
In this third encounter, Ana Dumitrascu, member of AETEN, defended Spain as a candidate to organise the Fourth Europe+ Narrative Therapy and Community Work Congress. As you can tell, the proposal was a success.
Thank you Ana for building this bridge!
In 2015 at the Spanish Association of Narrative Therapy Encounter in Seville, AETEN members met in assembly and decided to begin shaping this encounter. Barcelona was chosen as the city to host the event for its distinctive features and the added attraction of the Mediterranean Sea in July. In this meeting, a group of volunteers began collaborating to organise the event. Another bridge built by the Organisational Committee.
Thank you for your efforts and the hard work that is being done!
As you will find in the Programme, we have both national and international speakers at the congress, and it is with joy that we can announce the presence of practitioners such as David Epston, Jill Freedman, Stephen Madigan, Rosa Elena Arteaga, David Denborough, Cheryl White, David Marsten, Laurie Markham, Hugh Fox, Poh Lin Lee, Miguel Gonçalves, Elizabeth Nardella, Luis Botella, Olga Herrero, Meritxell Pacheco, Tary Gómez, Marco Gemignani, Marta Campillo, Carlos Chimpén, Danilo Moggia, Adrián Montesano, Sheila Izu, Mariangels Ferrer, Mònica Florensa, Anna Pooley-Currius, Josep Seguí and a long etcetera.
There will be three pre-Congress workshops where ideas about working with couples in conflict, trauma and torture will be shared, and a post-Congress workshop to share ideas relevant to working with children and adolescents.
Thank you to all those presenting and sharing knowledge for making this a reality!
Finally, in this Congress we wish to honour those who began opening these paths with narrative practices, building bridges to the new generations so that the people and communities seeking our help can become the real protagonists.
Thank you all for building these bridges!
We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona in another opportunity to strengthen our narrative community.
The Spanish Association of Narrative Therapy (AETEN) is a nonprofit organisation whose aim is to promote the research, application and development of narrative therapy, both at the individual and family and community level. Its current president is Carlos Chimpén López, Doctor in Clinical Psychology and Health at the University of Salamanca, Master in Psychotherapy at the University of Salamanca, Graduate Program in Narrative Therapy of the Dulwich Centre, Professor at the University of Extremadura and holder of extensive experience in training and psychotherapy.

The Faculty of Psychology, Educational Sciences and Sport, the FPCEE Blanquerna, has a history of almost 65 years serving higher education as the evolution of the original Escola Universitària de Mestres Blanquerna. Today it has more than 3,000 students, 250 professors and 65 administrative and service professionals. It offers five bachelor’s degrees, eighteen official master’s degrees, two doctorates and a host of in-house degree and continuing education courses. It has agreements with more than 2.500 centres where the students can do practicums.
UMANSENRED is a pioneer E-learning School of Psychology, Psychosocial Collaboration, Social Constructionism and Collaborative and Dialogic Practices in Spain, co-founder of ENDIÁLOGO (Spanish Association of Collaborative and Dialogic Practices). Among other seminars and workshops, both face-to-face and virtual, UMANSENRED offers the Masters Programme in Collaborative and Dialogic Practices, in collaboration with the Institute of Postgraduate Kanankil of Mexico. UMANSENRED also co-organises the International Congress of Social Constructionism and Collaborative and Dialogic Practices, among others.

Among the activities of the Spanish Association of Cognitive Psychotherapy (ASEPCO) is the training of its own members, providing the necessary resources to enable them to carry out their learning process according to the accreditation requirements and guidance of cognitive psychotherapy, in close collaboration with university postgraduate courses and others. It also promotes scientific activities, conferences and publications for research and study of the theoretical and practical modalities of Cognitive Psychotherapy.

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